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Mumbai offers an amazing array of experiences, thanks to its amalgamation of various cultures. Kshitij Jewels takes this opportunity to present to you these very diverse flavours through its extensive range of designer gold and diamond jewelry, teamed with unrivalled professional craftsmanship. We assure you the same technical perfection and uncompromising dazzle of the better known brands at value-for-money rates.

Our motto is to be the no. 1 choice of our customers for designer jewelry with exceptional quality and unlimited variety at throwaway prices.

At Kshitij, we have the expertise to create the kind of jewellery suiting your needs.
Our assembly of ‘karigars’ will cater exclusively to your designer jewelry needs from fully equipped workstations.
Every stone at Kshitij is handpicked personally and certified for their maximum fire and quality.

Come, experience the difference at Kshitij Jewels!
Explore the possibilities of luxury items with flawless beauty of hand-fabricated diamond jewelry amongst other things.

  • Loose diamonds & precious stones with certification
  • Special offers on wedding jewellery & mangalsutra
  • All designs personalized in Silver CZ also to suit all strata
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Custom Design Service
Scan a picture of a design you liked to Kshitij and witness your dream turn to reality through our customized process
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Get that special diamond necklace or gold jewelry which makes you feel more stunning than ever! The diverse mix of Indian customs along with the hottest trends internationally to cater to the discerning Indian woman!
Get that heady feeling of the most awe-inspiring jewelry to suit your senses.